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New Novel Project: Month One & Two

So! This year, my writing project is to work on a new novel. But I wanted to go about it a little differently. I wanted to take a little more time. Usually I just have an idea, maybe write a little bit about it, and then I just jump in.

But this time around, I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to take some time on my characters, starting with my main character and writing about them with more depth instead of just hoping they’d take shape during the writing. I wanted to feel like whatever actions they’d take were based on themselves – because character is plot – and have some secret memories that wouldn’t necessarily make it into the book.

So January was all about writing the backstory of main character. It was a great way to get to know her before just starting to write stuff down and make it up was I went along.

February was a weird month. I went on a business trip and lost almost a week of writing time, and had some other stuff going on during the rest of the month. It actually turned out for the best because I wrote up on one of my secondary characters, and I have a little more idea of where to take things.

March, hopefully, will be more about fleshing out the rest of the characters – even if it’s a few surface aspects. Maybe I might just start outlining! (I know, so exciting.)

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