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Freddie: Part 18

     “Does He? I reckon he would have already gone in for the kill.”
     “Perhaps He wanted to watch Hell fold in on itself and He’d designate a new reign.”
     “Well, He does have a sick sense of humor, after all. The way I died, that certainly was the case.”
     “Huh.” Lucifer smiled out of the corner of his mouth.
     “So now what?”
     “That is the question, isn’t it?”
     “You weren’t going to let me go, were you?”
     “I was still on the fence about it, until you started whispering that gruesome invocation.” Lucifer looked into Freddie’s eyes. “I wasn’t kidding about being your manager. I’ve done it before.”
     “That I don’t doubt. What I do doubt, darling, is your ability to now be at two places at once, managing me back home and ruling down here.”
     “You’re right, I have done it before. This place was a wreck when I got back. But I fixed it. I did make Hell into what it is, you know.”
     “So, what? Do I get to choose what kind of life I want when we get there? Is there some kind of catch I have to be aware of?”
     “I’ve thought about that,” Lucifer said, even scratching his chin for effect. “I think being your manager is catch enough. You’ll do the stuff I approve of, right?”
     “Gig wise, I suppose that’s correct.”
     “Then it’s up to you. Do you want to start over? Do you want to be in a different body? What sexual orientation do you want? What kind of musician do you want to be?”
     “Well, as long as you don’t want to be a rock and roll Cthulu, I think you can pick whatever you want.”
     “Oh dear.”


Dear Mary,

     Here I am again, on the verge of coming home. Lucifer says I can pick whoever I want to be when I go home. You’re still there? Roger, Brian, John? Old lovers? How many people in my life are dead now? What would you do if I showed up on your doorstep? What would the world think of this old queen, resurrected with Lucifer as his manager?
      Perhaps the world doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve done all I could do, left 20 years of music behind to be enjoyed. Mary, do people still play my songs?
      Or perhaps I’ll be younger. A woman? A straight man? Maybe I’ll become a completely different kind of musician and leave rock and roll alone for awhile. I’d like to do something good for the world again. I hope to make people happy again, more than anything else.
      It’s like I get to put myself back together again? Nobody gets to do that. Or do they? (I should ask Lucifer.) I suppose I’ll have to get used to a new world. I’ve apparently lost 20 years. So much to catch up on before I start my new life. Maybe I’ll see you soon.

All My Love,


     “Yes, Freddie.”
     “Can you catch me up on the world first before I make any decisions?”
     For the first time, Lucifer actually laughed. It was disturbing, refreshing, and lovely all at the same time. “Yes, of course. That would be the smart thing, yeah?”

Freddie: Part 17

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It’s been awhile since a music post.

Awhile, indeed. Just a few things.

Excited about new Adele, Elbow, and Radiohead. All three are solid albums. But there’s also 2 new tracks from Thom Yorke with Four Tet and Burial, “Ego” and “Mirror.” Yeah, I, uh. More, please? Burial’s got an album out later this year, and I’m really liking the new track “Street Halo.”

I’ve just finally discovered DeVotchKa. Holy crap, this song is gorgeous. And it’s 3 years old already. They have a new album out.

Last month Roz and I went to go see old favorites Flogging Molly, and San Diego outfit The Drowning Men were one of the openers. Just a splendid mix of Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, and a little dash of self-deprecating humor thrown in.

A classic thrown in that I randomly heard on the Interwebz this week: Lee Dorsey. I think this song is officially bringing in Spring for me. I ain’t got no money, but I got ears to hear good music.

I don’t really care much for SXSW (other than downloading the free, large music torrents), but there was a lot of buzz about Jamie Woon, who’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. He’s like a more pop-aware James Blake, which is totally my cup of tea. Burial’s remix of his “Wayfaring Stranger” has been in my car for months now.

I’ve been working on blends and remixes lately, and I started on “Black & Lemonade,” a Wiz Khalifa/Gucci Mane track. I made an extra beat in Fruity Loops for some added… something.

Black & Lemonade by karinotvery

And there’s also this blend, which I’ve actually been working on for quite a long time (a few years, actually, mainly because I was looking for the acapella), but it came from an idea Scott gave me years ago. It’s 80s awesome!

Virgin in my Eyes by karinotvery

And then there’s this cover of INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” by The Great Book Of John. Straight hotness.

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You Are Here

A couple of weeks ago, I entered the Art and Poetry contest for the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Southern Nevada, where the winner of the poetry contest will read (or have their poem read) onstage and printed in the booklet for Race for the Cure that will happen in May in Downtown Las Vegas.

I’m actually shocked that I won — Roz was the one who encouraged me to submit something, so it’s really her fault. Woman! (Did I mention I never win contests? It’s just not in my Irish DNA to be that lucky to win anything.)

So I have just over a month to get this memorized so I can read it in front of 17,000 people on race day. I can do this, right? I mean, I’ve read Scripture in front of the whole city of Pittsburgh, so this should be a snap, right? RIGHT?

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Slam tips I learned from Taylor Mali…

You know, I’ve been organizing Las Vegas Slam since last summer, and I have yet to really talk about it (either this season or in general, really). This season’s been so so good. It’s really nice to see it being resurrected with the support of a thriving poetry scene, and there’s new faces every month. Hosting isn’t work like it used to be.

My own interest in slam started about 10 years ago. I competed a couple of times and failed miserably, so I stopped competing. After some encouragement (and writing a more slam-ish kind of poem), I competed to get on the team in 2003, and ended up going to Chicago for the National Poetry Slam. It was amazing. One of the first events there I went to was a mini-class on slam strategy that Taylor Mali hosted. (Yes, that Taylor Mali.) He has a chapbook called Top Secret Slam Strategies that outline team strategy in bouts, but this is for individuals.

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